2019.6.17 IEO项目:Raven Protocol (RAVEN) 项目上线 币安Binance DEX交易所

2019-06-14 527

Raven Protocol will experiment with Binance DEX initial exchange offering. Previously Raven Protocol (RAVEN) announced Binance DEX listing on June 17.
DEX Launchpad Details:
IEO start time:  2019/06/17 09:00 AM (UTC)
Sale model: FCFS
Amount to be raised: $500,000 USD
Total Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 RAVEN
Total % for sale: 40% for $5.6M USD
IEO Supply: 3%
Individual Cap: 100 BNB
IEO Price: 1 RAVEN = $ 0.0017USD (0.00005 BNB)
Seed Round Price: $0.00098 USD
Raised in seed round: $400K USD (4% sold)
Strategic Round price: $0.0013 USD
Raised in strategic round: $2.5M USD (18.7% sold)
Private Round price: $0.0015 USD
Raised in private round: $2.2M USD (14.2% sold)
Seed/Strategic/Private Token Release Schedule: 40% initial release, 30% after 3-months, 30% after 6-months
Initial circulating supply: $2.5M USD

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